Top 5 Multi Tools

Tools have become crucial to human survival. From early inventions of knives, wheels, bows, and arrow to the most contemporary tools, man can definitely not do without tools. One major problem with the traditional tools is that they are burdensome. They are heavy and not easy to move around. Having a complete toolbox with you at all times is practically impossible.

In recent times, a good number of outdoor and contemporary multi-tools have come into being. Thanks to the modern technology, humans have engineered exceptional multi-tools for survival. They provide unconventional tools that one would not imagine to see in one unit. These multi-tools have come to substitute the working toolbox. They are packable, lightweight, and very handy for everyday needs. This exceptional tool can function as a spirit level, lighter, hammer, LED light, tape measure, camera tripod, screwdriver and a host of others. Really, everyone should have at least one of these devices. You never can tell when they will be useful.

There are various options for multi-tools devices and an individual’s choice is dependent on what he needs the device for. As a matter of fact, there are over forty thousand variants of multi-tools devices to choose from. Each of these features a different set of vital tools. One major advantage of the multi-tools is weight and space saving. It is a compact device with multidimensional functions. You can carry it with you always without feeling the burden of the carriage.

One of the earliest samples of the multi-tools device is the Swiss Army knife. The first version provided to the Swiss Army includes a reamer, a knife blade, a bottle opener, a set of screwdrivers functioning as wire stripper, and can opener. Later versions of the device include nail file, folding scissors, tweezers, a toothpick, screwdrivers, and a magnifying glass. There are other specialized versions for outdoor activities like horseback riding, fishing, golf, and hunting.

Top 5 Multi Tools

Leatherman Skeletool CX

Are you looking for a tool that will get the job without all the fuss? Well, the minimalistic Skeletool CX is just the multi-tool you need. It has all the features you can possibly ask for and it is quite durable too. All in all, you will be able to fully depend on this multi-tool.

Leatherman Wave

If you were looking for compactness and functionality, Leatherman’s Wave is just for you! With the supreme design, it is compatible for both amateur and professional users. You will be able to take it anywhere with you and have your everyday tasks done quicker and easier.

Leatherman Surge

Do you want a strong multi-tool that can handle anything? The Surge is an excellent choice. It is easy to use, even with one hand and it is surely a great choice for every occasion. It weighs more which is what makes it even stronger than any other multi-tool!

Leatherman OHT

Regardless of who you are, a professional or an amateur – the OHT is perfect for the job. It can handle almost anything, you can easily take it with you and you will be able to do any job in no time. Plus, it saves a lot of time and energy!

Leatherman Mut

A lot of times we are tired from having to go back and forth and get different tools and frankly, it is frustrating. However, with the Leatherman MUT, this situation can go into the past. MUT is a tool you can completely rely on for years to come.

How practical is a multi-tool?

If you are a survivalist, you need to own a piece of this tool. It is very practical and you can use it for anything you normally will need your toolbox for. The added advantage is that you do not need space to carry it around. It is as compact as it can ever get. The features enumerated below clearly highlight the practicability of the device.

Always Ready

Multi-tools are useful in a way that is comparable to none other in the world of Every day Carry (EDC). Every part of the device is functional in one unique way or the other. Having one handy makes your life easier in more ways than you can imagine. It is there for you anytime you need it.


Multi-tools are very flexible in that they offer a variety of simple but effective solutions to man’s everyday crisis. Most of the tools come with a wide variety of features and functions. They can sometimes be adapted to be used in ways other than what they are designed for. They are perfect for handling minor jobs such as opening a bottle, tightening or loosening a screw, cutting something open, measuring something, and so much more.


If you are normally faced with small everyday issues, you will discover that multi-tool is a more handy and fast way of taking care of different issues. It is much more practical than dragging your toolbox around to tackle your everyday needs. If you have to fasten a loose screw, open a bottle, or locate a stray thread, your multi-tool device will do a better and faster job than your toolbox.


You might not really need all the items in your multi-tool device all the time but you will be glad you have it one day. Multi-tools are an efficient way to carry a good number of tools in a very compact device.

What to look for in a multi-tool?

What to look for when buying a multi-tool will depend largely on how you want to use the tool. Choosing a multi-tool starts with deciding on the components that you want the tool to have. This is usually based on your need. Other things that you need to consider are quality and safety of the device.

Components Selection

First, decide on the right components that you need to have in the device. This will depend largely on your preference and your daily needs. It is important to note that generally, the fewer the components, the better the device. Whatever components you choose to have, there are some basic components that should be in the multi-tool device. Components like toothpick and tweezers are not bad ideas in your multi-tool.


This is a major consideration in selecting a multi-tool. The device needs to be lightweight as well as durable. It is also critical to check the quality of each of the components on the device. A badly designed component removes from the overall usefulness of the tool. One major component to check is the knife blades. This is because a low-quality knife blade will lead to more problems than a poor quality screwdriver, for instance. Opt for a versatile and durable blade design. You also need to pay close attention to the quality of steel used in the design.


The overall design of the tool is also very important. This includes some convenience and safety measures that have been incorporated into the device. For instance, you need to check the opening and locking mechanism of the multi-tool. There are some designs that do not have such mechanism but you need to be certain that it does not matter to your need before you opt for such.


Whatever choice you make in selecting your multi-tool, you have to be 100% certain that it meets your need. There is really no point purchasing a device that will not be useful for you. One other important thing you must put into consideration when choosing your device is the servicing. There are some devices that need to be taken to the manufacturer for servicing. There are some others that can be serviced from home. You need to check the service requirements before you purchase your device. If you are cool with taking the device to the manufacturer, then all is well and good; go ahead and purchase your preferred device.
On a final note, Multi-tools are crucial to human survival. It is important that you have one with you regularly. You never can tell when it will be highly needed. You will always be glad you have it whenever the need arises.