Dual-Purpose Marine Batteries: How They Can Serve Your Purpose Better than the Normal Batteries

There can be different types of marine batteries of which dual purpose marine battery are regarded as the best.

Dual purpose marine battery can be used for both starting and deep cycling. They are thus best for use in small boats. They have certain restrictions related to space and thus cannot be used for larger boats and in other similar cases.

These batteries can be of two types:

Sealed Maintenance Free Dual Purpose Marine Battery and Absorbed Glass Mat Battery Technology Batteries.

The Sealed Maintenance Free batteries are Calcium batteries or Calcium Design Batteries which do not require the addition of water. The in-built disc flame arrestors made of ceramic help in protecting against battery explosion due to accidental spark. The liquid gas separator increases the maintenance-free features of the battery.

They are ideal if your job requires you to spend some extra hours at cycling. These batteries also come with a greater CCA and are thus perfectly suited for marine deep cycle usage.

Absorbed Glass Mat BatteryThe Absorbed Glass Mat Dual Purpose Marine Battery, on the other hand, is featured with a fully sealed battery design. An active electrolyte is present in an absorbed state between the plates. An extremely thin fibreglass mat immobilizes the same.

They come with an increased recharge and discharge capacity which is also resistant to vibration and comes with leak-free non-gassing features ensuring safety, the flexibility of installation and above all, mental peace.

These are a great solution when you require cycling along with the ability of engine starting.

There are different advantages that the dual purpose marine battery offer over the other ones:

  • They can do the work of single batteries alone.
  • They offer a low amp electricity supply without requiring any charging system on-board. They are thus the best choice for long-distance journeys where you do not have the option of charging frequently.
  • They can be used in boats that need two batteries of the same type, but you find it difficult to get hold of two batteries that are of the same specifications.
  • They can also be used in boats that have electrical systems designed only for one battery.
  • They can be used for automobiles such as vehicles that come with cranes, winches and other accessories.


  • They are not as capable as deep cycle batteries and dedicated starting batteries.

Thus, the dual purpose marine battery offers the advantages of both deep cycle batteries and starting batteries under a single unit and are great for use for different purposes.

How to choose the right dual purpose marine battery?

To choose the right dual purpose marine battery, the first thing that you will have to do is select the application for which you are buying it- cars, boats, light trucks or all train vehicles. Depending on this you need to identify the right CCA specification required. Also, consider the other factors such as power delivered per unit time.

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