Leatherman Surge Review

Here, we are talking about a multi-tool that can do wonders for you, it eases your life and it saves you a lot of time as do all multi-tools. However, this is a big tool and it does the job better because of that. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that according to the official site from Leatherman, they describe it as “The Leatherman Surge is one of our two largest multi-tools; a real powerhouse, built with our largest pliers, longest multi-tool blades and easy-to-use locks”. If we caught your attention so far and if you were looking for a great tool for your camping trips and a tool that can handle almost anything, keep reading this Leatherman Surge review. Also, if you want to learn more about this excellent multi-tool, keep reading through our research on it. You’ll also see why it made the list of best multi tools.

leatherman surge


  • It has an all-locking feature
  • Lanyard ring
  • Single-handed operable features
  • Features that are accessible from outside
  • Replaceable 154CM wire cutters
  • Includes two bit-drivers with two double-end steel bits with 3/16-inch screwdriver, plus #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers
  • Four outside-opening blades
  • Made from 100% stainless steel
  • Tools can be rotated individually

leatherman utility knife


  • Length when it is closed 4.5 in / 11.5 cm
  • Primary length of blade 3.1 in / 7.87 cm
  • Weight 12.5 oz / 335 g


We couldn’t help by starting this Leatherman Surge review without mentioning the fact that we are talking about a bigger and heavier multi-tool. However, one cannot forget that we are talking about a high-quality and dependable multi tool too. You can easily rotate the tools individually and you can grab one at a time without any problems. It is safe to use, it is dependable and it is probably the only tool you will ever need. It is also comfortable to use regardless of its bigger size.

The pliers

The needlenose pliers are excellent if you need to hold a smaller object or if you have to use the tool in a tight and narrow space. On the other hand, the regular pliers are strong and powerful and will definitely help you get the job done. Also, the jaw design is awesome because it brings out the strongest pliers in Leatherman’s line.

The wire cutters

Another thing we have to mention in our Leatherman Surge review is the functionality of the wire cutters. Namely, the Surge is equipped with soft, hard wire cutters as well as stranded wire cutters. These tools will be surprisingly helpful because you will be able to cut through hard and soft wires. Both the soft and hard wire cutters are replaceable and they are edge-retaining which makes them even more awesome. Also, the stranded-wire cutters are excellent because you will be able to cut wrapped small gauge wires without a chance of crushing them.

The electrical crimper and wire stripper

You can find this great tool in the jaw of the Surge multi-tool and you can use it whenever you need to crimp electrical connectors. Moreover, by using the wire stripper you will save a lot of time and energy too. You will be able to strip a large variety of gauges and types of wires without posing a risk to yourself.  The wire stripper together with the wire cutters, offers a 58% larger area too.

The knives

The Surge is equipped with a 420HC knife and a 420HC serrated knife. The 420HC knife is strong and very reliable. You will be able to use it carelessly as it locks into position and you won’t have a chance of harming yourself while working. Also, it is made from 420HC which is a high-carbon stainless steel. This means that it resists corrosion and you will be able to maintain it easily. Also, it means that you will hang on to this buddy for a long time because it guarantees durability.

On the other hand, the 420HC serrated knife will be quite handy because it is very strong for the purpose it serves. You will be able to cut through rough materials without breaking a sweat. You will cut fiber, rope and what not and your blade will remain undamaged. It is also corrosion resistant which makes it easier to maintain it and keep the quality of the knife at a high point.

Both knives are easily accessible and you will be able to use them in no time, with only one hand!

leatherman surge review

The can and bottle openers

Although not many people use these tools, they are quite handy for when you are in the wilderness or on vacation. Although these tools aren’t “fundamental” they are still very helpful and they will save you a lot of nerves. You won’t have to starve or see your beer-bottle get warm while you struggle to open the package. These tools can be used to open canned goods safely and without problems.

The spring-action scissors

Another tool that isn’t used very often but can be seen as helpful are the scissors. Leatherman’s Surge scissors are of high quality and they can be easily used using only one hand. You will be able to cut through a lot of materials with them and they give a very clean cut.

The saw

The saw is an excellent tool and quite needed too! This is an open-toothed tool that will help you saw through tough materials in no time. Also, it can be used single-handedly and it is very accessible while efficiently handling the job. There is a very interesting blade exchanger which gives you a possibility to choose between a file and a saw blade.

The lanyard ring

It is a secure ring which ensures that your tool is securely and safely attached to a lanyard. This can be very helpful if your working environment includes working around¬†areas of water or other situations where you could lose the tool if you drop it. This way you will be sure that it stays right where you want it to and it doesn’t pose any problems.


If you were looking for the right tool for any job – look no more. Our Leatherman Surge review just proves what is already true – this is a professional tool that will help you and ease your job a lot! All of the tools lock into place, which means safety and effectivity. You can operate it using only one hand which makes multi-tasking even easier and the job will consume less time overall. Obviously, the Surge is designed to withstand any tough job you need to do – it is strong, functional, durable and has all the tools one can possibly need.

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