Leatherman Surge vs Wave

There are a lot of multi-tools on the market, but some are simply better than others. Of course, we are talking about the Leatherman products. They have blessed us with a lot of great products throughout the years and many users are beyond satisfied. Still, we are writing a Leatherman Surge vs Wave article to compare and see which one is better and which will fit your needs. By knowing the following things you will be able to make an informed decision. After all, an informed decision will result in better user experience. We have also reviewed both the Leatherman Surge, as well as the Leatherman Wave, so you’ll find more details if you read the full reviews. Yes, they are both great, but here is what they are best at.

leatherman surge vs wave


We have to mention how functional and easy to use a tool is because their primary goal is to be handy. Namely, they can serve for various reasons and they need to do that as good as possible. In this case, we have to admit that the Surge might be a bit better. This is because the Surge is equipped with more tools. Also, it has larger pliers and longer blades. Moreover, it has replaceable components like the swappable blade component and the carbide cutter. The Surge is also created to be heavy use.
Yet, both the Surge and the Wave are excellent when it comes to using them with one hand which makes them highly functional.

Ease of carry

Both tools aren’t super-easy to carry because they both have a heavy-duty nylon case. With it, you can wear them on the belt or pack. However, the Surge has a lanyard ring which can help you attach it wherever you want it. Still, the Wave gets the win here because it is lighter than the Surge. The Wave weighs 8.5 ounces which makes it considerably lighter than the Surge which weighs 12.5 ounces.


Having a multi-tool with good longevity is very important. This is because if you have a tool that is expected to last long, you will be able to rely on it. For this reason, manufacturers should use high-quality materials in the construction of the tools. Plus, this is the reason why we have to take durability into consideration in our Leatherman Surge vs Wave review.
In our case, this will be a very close category. Namely, these multi-tools have a full-body stainless steel construction. Also, they have 420 High Carbon blades which are an excellent middle ground stainless steel. Moreover, the High Carbon content gives it extra hardness. Still, the lack of chromium gives them a little less resistance from corrosion compared to the standard 420.
Because of this, we will have to say that probably the Surge has better durability. We are coming to this conclusion because the Surge has replaceable components which should mean that the user will be able to rely on his multi-tool for a bit longer.


We will have to end our Leatherman Surge vs Wave review with the fact that both tools are awesome but they have their differences. Of course, they have excellent functionality and they serve the purpose they are designed to serve. Also, they are a great choice for both professionals and amateurs and they come in very handy. If we had to make a strict distinction to which tool is better at what we would conclude the following.

Leatherman’s Surge will probably be a perfect fit for people who know their way around heavy-duty tools. They will have to carry a heavier tool but they will have more tools at hand. On the other hand, Leatherman’s Wave is excellent for those who have simpler things to do or fix. Both tools offer great performance and one cannot possibly go wrong with either one of them.

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