Leatherman Wave Review

In this Leatherman Wave review, we are going to research and bring up the most important things about this excellent multi-tool. People have mentioned that it is an excellent gift because it is useful, small and quite meaningful. This multi-tool, just like a few other excellent products from Leatherman is a great full-size tool. It is compact and quite useful for almost any profile of user – hikers, technicians, hobbyists and a lot more. It is simply awesome. Why is it so great? Why is it on the top of our list of best multi tools? Let’s go through it step by step.

leatherman super tool


  • Pliers with needlenose tips and regular jaw section
  • Hard and soft wire cutters
  • Handles made from stainless steel
  • Saw for wood cutting
  • Metal/wood and diamond-coated file
  • Small and large screwdriver with double-sided bits
  • Medium slotted screwdriver
  • Can and bottle opener
  • Wire stripper
  • Ruler
  • The combination file and the two knife blades can be deployed and can be used without unfolding the pliers or opening the handles. All of these tools are locking in their position with the help of the liner-lock. Also, the two knife blades can be opened by using one hand, and the file and the saw can be opened using both hands.

leatherman wave


  • Length when it is closed: 4″
  • Length of the blade 2.9″
  • Weight: 8,5 oz / 241g


The truth is, once you have this multi-tool, you are going to stay faithful to it. It is enough to satisfy your wildest dreams when it comes to using it. It is of the highest quality and it is probably one of the best Leatherman products too. In our Leatherman Wave review, we would like to get into details of why this multi-tool is an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals.

The pliers and the wire cutters

The pliers are equipped with needlenose tips and excellent teeth. They also have a broad opening in the middle with coarse teeth. Also, they are quite handy and can be used in several ways and situations.

Additionally, a great thing about the pliers is the fact that they can be easily cleaned. We all know that sometimes working can get messy, even branches can leave stains if they are green. For that reason, cleaning the jaws is a lot easier with this design.

Furthermore, the wire cutting blades are excellent. There is a small triangle which points to where the hard wire cutter is. This way you won’t be able to ruin the soft wire cutters. The blades are designed so that the different sides are crossing each other like scissors. They give an excellent and clean cut, and they do the job they need to. If you use it at least once, you will see the benefits from this design.

leatherman wave review

The knife blades

The knife blade with the plain edge is surprisingly sharp and durable. You will use it for a long time without having it damaged or even scratched. It has a 420 HC stainless steel alloy – it is hard due to the high carbon amount in it and it will definitely get the job done. Also, another great thing about the knife blade is the fact that it can be sharpened easily whenever you need it.

The serrated knife

When you are cutting cloth, rope or other fibrous materials – you will absolutely need a tool that can handle it. And the serrated blade of the Wave is just the thing for it. It is easily deployed and it can be used by one hand too. Also, if you are the type of people who require quicker operation of your multi-tools, in this Leatherman Wave review we have excellent news for you! You don’t need to open the tool in order to use any of the knives! Moreover, the liner locks do a terrific job – they secure the tool and still, you can close the tool using only one hand.

The wood-cutting saw

Another great design of the Wave is the saw blade. Short fingernails can be a problem when it comes to deploying it, but it really fits the design and it looks awesome. It can also be sharpened and you will be able to use it for years to come.

The wood/metal and diamonds files

Although they aren’t used as often as the other tools, they are quite handy. They are well-made and they can be used in several occasions. The fine-grit diamond file is quite useful for sharpening tasks on the field. Also, the wood/metal file is great for beveling, smoothing and small construction tweaks.

The tool locks

As we said before in this Leatherman’s Wave review, all the tools except for the file, saw, and the blades, lock in their place once they are completely folded out. However, you can unlock them when you squeeze the spring-loaded lever.

The screwdriver bit holder, the can and bottle opener and the wire stripper

The screwdriver bit holder is designed to hold low-profile 1/4″ hex bits. This means that if you want to use it for different screwdriver bit styles and sizes, you can buy the upgrades on the tool. Also, you will be quite happy that you have a removable bit holder because it comes quite handy.

The can and bottle openers are an excellent tool although they aren’t used very often. On them, there is a V-notch which serves as a wire stripper. In those cases where the wire-stripper isn’t helpful, the scissors compensate.

The lanyard loop

There is a big thing that a lot of Leatherman Wave owners don’t know. There is a built-in lanyard loop and a lot of people appear to miss it. However, it can come in quite handy and helpful.


You simply cannot go wrong if you read our Leatherman Wave review and decided to get one for yourself. It is designed to satisfy all needs and it is quite functional given its compact size. It is definitely a strong and rigid multi-tool and the design is excellent. Also, it has the combination of tools that almost any user would need. You can carry it around easily and you will see that your life will be easier and your everyday tasks will consume less time and energy.

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