Leatherman Wave vs OHT

Life is easier when you can perform your daily task using a single tool. Multi-tools can let you do series of complex tasks at a time. However, the truth is that we all wish we could do more than we can. And luckily, there are lots of multi-tools that are ready to make this wish come true. One of them is Leatherman’s series of multi-tool products. These products make life a breeze. Now, you can perform your daily tasks easier, and quicker.

So, we thought its best to make the whole process easy for you. This is why we went ahead to research some of the best multi-tools from Leatherman. We’ve decided to pick two of their best products and open up a Leatherman Wave vs OHT debate. The first one is the Leatherman OHT. It comes with 16 incredible tools with a sturdy build mechanism. The second is the Leatherman Wave. It is well known for excellence and efficiency. If you’re after more info for both products, check out our individual Leatherman Wave and Leatherman OHT reviews.

leatherman wave vs oht

Our Leatherman Wave vs OHT comparison will reveal a lot of things you should know before purchase. By having a prior knowledge of these things, you’ll find it easy to choose the one that aligns with your specific needs and budget. We will take into account the comparison of Leatherman Wave vs OHT in regards to their individual features and performance. This is a rivalry between these two incredible multi-tools as to which is better.


Leatherman OHT comes with 16 different tools that perform a separate individual function. Some of the tools include, the 154cm spring action wire, needle nose pliers, replaceable hard-wire cutter and other helpful tools, all assembled in a single tool.

On the other hand, the Leatherman Wave is designed with a stainless steel handle. Unlike OHT, Leatherman Save has a wire cut divided into 2 categories. They include the hard and soft category.

The 420 HC stainless steel parts of OHT are the knife blades and the plain edges. It also comprises of the screwdriver, the saw and other subtle tools such as the ruler, and the small and medium slotted screwdriver.


Most people prefer the Leatherman Wave, but it’s not the best option when it comes to performance. Leatherman Wave is famously known because it was first released. At the time of release, there were no multi-task tools that could stand its quality, portability, functionality, feature and even hype.

Unlike Leatherman Wave, OHT is built with a sturdy lock mechanism. The lock mechanism supports a system that ensures that the tools on the body of the handle lock into place. The OHT tools work well even in a closed or folded position. It works like our everyday pocket knife. OHT is also efficient and high-quality. It is durable and functional for everyday tasks. The only downside is the blade part.

Our conclusion

From our Leatherman Wave vs OHT debate, we can conclude that both products are doing great. Of course, they are from a highly-reputable company so choosing any of them isn’t a bad idea.

However, our research shows that the Wave is considerably safer to use. Yet OHT is more compact and easier to use. Overall, their features and specifications will let you get the best results for your needs.However, both tools have differences in their performance. They are both a show-off of quality and efficiency.

The Wave is more known, but OHT can be a matching alternative. This is because of its lesser price and similar feature and performance. Overall, they are both durable, stable, and excellently designed to handle multi-tasks.  Make sure you go for what suits you, your budget, and your specific need.

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