Leatherman Wave vs Skeletool

We all have different needs when it comes to our favorite compact multi-tool. However, one truth is everlasting – we all want to get as much as we can! There are a lot of compact multi-tools that are quite helpful, and Leatherman’s products have a lot of fame in this field! They make life easier and each task can be done a lot quicker too! With the right tools, any job can be easy and it won’t consume your time. After all of the discussions about them, we thought that it would be great if we researched some great tools too. We decided to have a look at two of the best Leatherman products and solve the puzzle behind the Leatherman Wave vs Skeletool debate. By knowing these few things you will be able to choose the best multi-tool for your specific needs. We already reviewed both the Leatherman Wave, and the Leatherman Skeletool CX, and you might want to take a look at the full reviews for more info.

Differences in the tools

The Wave is a full-size multi-tool. For that reason, it has a greater number of tools that are available for the user while the Skeletool CX has 7 tools. The Skeletool has only needlenose and regular pliers, hard-wire and wire cutters, 154CM Knife, a Bottle opener and a large bit driver. However, the Skeletool is a pocket multi-tool and is a lot more compact than the Wave. In addition to the ones that the Skeletool has, the Wave offers a lot of options for the user. It has a ruler, a saw, spring-action scissors and a can opener. Additionally, it has a medium screwdriver, a small bit driver, a wood/metal and diamond coated files and a few other great tools. Still, it doesn’t have a 154CM knife but a 420HC knife. This knife, made from a high-carbon stainless steel that can easily resist corrosion and damage. Compared to a lot of other knives on the market, this type can be maintained much easier than the rest.

leatherman wave vs skeletool

Differences in features

The Skeletool has some amazing features that can do just the thing that the user would need. It has a carbon fiber handle insert. This is very helpful when it comes to keeping your multi-tool strong and rigid without increasing the weight. Also, when you use the Skeletool you will be able to lock the knife once it is fully deployed. By this, we can clearly say that the Skeletool is as safe as they get – no more injuries when doing your job. Probably the biggest advantage of having the Skeletool as a multi-tool is that fact that it is easy to use. The owner can fully rely on it and they can use it single-handedly. It is designed specifically to be used that way!

leatherman wave vs skeletool

On the other hand, the Wave brings some other cool features to the table when it comes to the Leatherman Wave vs Skeletool battle. If the Skeletool allowed locking the knife, the Wave changes the game – it offers all locking features. Basically, this means that the owner can use any option of the multi-tool carelessly. It makes sure that there will be no unwanted moves, results or injuries.

What do we conclude from this

There is no doubt that when we look at the Leatherman Wave vs Skeletool debate we can see that there are a lot of things that we need to consider. These both products are from a very reliable manufacturer and one cannot possibly go wrong when choosing either of them. Also, they both have outside-accessible features. This basically means that while the tool is in a closed position, it mimics the functionality of a pocket-knife. They are both handy and helpful. However, the results say that the Wave is considerably safer and offers more tools. Yet the Skeletool is easier to use and more compact. All in all, the specifics of each of these multi-tools will allow you to get the best results for your specific needs!

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