Trolling motor battery for the right purpose

A good-quality, reliable marine battery for trolling motor will get you the most from your boat whenever you go out for fishing. Just like the electric motors, trolling motors need specific batteries called the marine batteries to discharge the electricity over a longer time period gradually. When it comes to getting the best trolling motor marine batteries for various purposes like for cranking the boat, running on-board appliances, or for deep cycle purpose, you must know about the relevant factors that need to be considered.

marine battery for trolling motor

  • Amp Hours:

This term is used as a rating of the marine batteries which indicates the amount of electricity to be stored in it. It gives you an idea of how long the battery can supply constant amperage. The best deep cycle battery for trolling motor has the highest rating as it can store the highest amount of power to keep it running at a given speed. The Ah rating that you should opt for when buying the battery will depend on the size of your boat. If your motor powers on 12 volts then you will have to find the highest amperage hour rating that is available in order to make sure it runs as long as possible without any battery drainage.

  • Power System:

Most marine batteries are manufactured in 12 volts, especially the deep cycle ones, which means that you would need many batteries to power any 24-volt trolling motor. So you should be aware of the power system of your marine battery for trolling motor and the demand on the battery.

  • Type of battery:

There can be two types of deep cycle marine batteries that are recommended for use with the trolling motors- AGM batteries and Lead Acid Wet-Cell batteries. AGM batteries are the Absorbed Glass Mat batteries that have a longer life-span, are completely sealed and last longer on one charge. An AGM marine battery for trolling motor usually lasts for about three to four years. AGM battery is generally claimed to be the best boat battery due to the longevity and excellent performance. They are completely maintenance free. Lead Acid Wet-Cell batteries are very affordable and common batteries lasting for about one to two years. However, they require occasional maintenance and prone to spillage and vibration. But they are efficient to handle the usual draining and re-charging in connection to trolling motor use.

  • Design and construction:

AGM batteries are designed in a way that they need no maintenance at all and are completely safe to use in any sort of position, be it upside down or right side up. Some of the deep cycle batteries are designed with a thick casing of plastic to protect the battery from spillage and vibration and also to insulate. This, along with the AGM technology, are amazing features that help in extending the lifespan of a marine battery for trolling motor and also help in saving you from the task of replacing the battery too early.

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